Frequently Asked Questions

General Enquiry

What is the festival about?

This festival is about celebrating the outdoors and nature in a festival style.


Where to stay during Outdoor Fest?

Campsites can be bought when purchasing a tickets. Apart from inside the festival grounds, we will share the list of accomodations offered in Lenggong.

What not to bring?

Any illegal products that may cause harm,accidents or even death. We enforce a strict No-Drugs Policy at Outdor Fest.

Can I park my car in festival ground?

No, Free Parking are available near the festival with a shuttle van to send and pick you up.

Which line coverage is the best at Lenggong?

Celcom and Digi works well in Lenggong ( 4G )


Can I get a free ticket if I volunteer at the festival?

Yes! VOLUNTEERS get a free ticket to the festival! Most roles require 3 x 6 hour shifts over the course of the festival. For some roles, shifts can be completed before and after the festival, leaving the whole weekend free!

How accessible is the festival site?

The festival site is comprised mainly of grass fields, mixed woodland with a stoney gravel path going through the middle. The site is generally sloped and mostly accessible over grass. This can be especially difficult to get around if the ground is wet due to heavy rain.

Please email us at for us to assist.

How do I get to and from the festival?

Resort Tasik Raban is accesible by car but should you need to use public transportation. The nearest KTM station is at Kuala Kangsar. And also a bus stop at Lenggong Town itself.

We will do our best to accommodate who’ll be arriving by public transportation

IS QR pay widely available there?

We encourage our vendors to use QR Pay as a form of payment.

However bring extra cash for going to attraction places,local market and restaurants around Lenggong Town.

Good to Know

  • Petrol Station closes at 10PM in Lenggong
  • Restaurants around Lenggong might not follow normal operating hours.
  • There’s a Guardian, Mr Diy , Econsave in town for any last minute purchases.

Tickets & Admission

Where can i buy the tickets?

Festival tickets can be purchased through the festival’s official website or authorized ticket vendors.

Refunds and Cancellations

Once purchased, tickets are not refundable but ownership of ticket can be changed.

Reentry to Festival Grounds

You can come in and out of the festival grounds, just make sure to bring your wristbands with you.

Where to find my tickets?

Tickets will be emailed to you. Make sure to fill the correct email address when buying tickets.

Children under 12 Enter For Free

Children under 12 Enter For Free but must be accompanied by a paying adult aged 18 or over.

Terms and Conditons of Tickets

Purchase of tickets constitutes that you agree to the terms and conditions of Outdoor Festival. Terms & Conditions


Can i camp inside Festival Grounds?

Yes you can ! Campsites can be bought from our ticketing websites.

Can i cook at campsites?

Designated Cooking Area will be placed near campsites for safety reasons. Cooking outside the cooking area is strictly prohibited.

Where can i rent a tent ?

If you dont have camping equipment, you can rent from our official Camp Rental Partner.

Whats the size of campsites?

You can refer to our campsites layout.

Amenities in Campsite.

Toilets , Showers, Surau and Plug Points will be included in the campsites facility. Emergency Shelter will also be briefed upon arrival.

Do's & Dont's at campsites.

Please refer to the list of Do’s & Dont’s here.

Can i stay outside of Outdoor Festival 23?

Yes , participants can stay outside of festival area at surrounding hotels,campsites and glamping sites in Lenggong. Just show your wristband upon re-entry.


What can i do at ODF23?

Plenty of activities will be made available for you to try and experience. From curated sharing session( Cerita Kedai Kopi), workshops, outdoor sports  and performances will be available to all ticket holder.

Follow us on our social media for the latest updates.

Is ODF23 Kids Friendly?

Kids under 12 years old enter for free with a valid adult ticket holder. Most of the outdoor activations and activity are targeted for adults due to the extreme nature of these sports.

But we do welcome parents with children and we’ll try our best to have something for the little ones to do.

Why some activites are free some are paid?

Due to the nature of some outdoor activities that cannot accommodate everyone, these will be an addon options. If you would like to do those. Please buy them with your tickets.

Health and Safety

Participants should be in good health and fitness conditions for the activities you’ve chosen to join. Medical team are on standby incase of any emergencies.

The nearest clinic is 15 minutes away.